Staying Focused


We understand that in life if we want to achieve or acquire something, it is important to set that as a goal in our mind and in our daily lives. We then make that our focus and work at it on a regular basis to achieve it. But often times by doing it this way we experience stress, anxiety and lack of presence and the result is diminished performance. By always looking at your goal, you are actually pushing it away as you are referencing your position to achieving it and it feels like you haven’t reached it.

When we let go of the attachment to the object or result that we desire and stay focused on and enjoy the experience of reaching that goal, our results are much better. You are experiencing fulfillment at every moment and also experiencing patience. This shift in perspective is subtle and small but it’s results are huge! You stop looking at your progress and enjoy the process. Progress is just a natural result of staying focused on the daily act, the process of whatever it is that you aim to achieve. You are focused in the present moment and your goal comes with ease without friction, stress or anxiety.

The experience you encounter of working towards your desire or goal is what you want. It will be one of presence. You will be engaged in the process and your performance will increase – which, of course then, you will be more likely to experience the outcome you so desire!

Life Coach, Eden Myers, challenges you to focus on the process of your goal rather than the goal itself. She is here to guide you as need be in achieving your desires to do more and be more!
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Paying it Forward (and My Gift to You)

Years ago I found myself struggling with feelings of inadequacy and lack of self confidence. The influence of a close person in my life had me feeling as if I wasn’t doing the right thing – as if the path that I chose to explore was wrong. As I opened up my mind, I began to attract into my life individuals and mentors that soon helped me to realize that this was my life to live as I saw fit.

I chose to continue my path and build upon it in such a way that I could help others who struggle as well. As I took the steps and developed the fortitude to press forward, I found wisdom and knowledge. I experienced love and gratitude. I have not only encountered individuals who have helped me, but also loving and caring individuals that I am able to help.

As this year of 2014 winds down, I reflect on my growth and the blessings that I have received. As a now certified life coach under the Proctor Gallagher Institute , I choose to PAY IT FORWARD and am offering a free self development course ($1,000 value ) to a desiring individual beginning Jan 15, 2015. It is a 6 session course and is designed to help you understand the mind and how the different areas of our brains affect the way we think and act. I will help you implement the simple changes needed to help you break through those barriers that so many of us experience yet don’t understand. I will help you discover your passion and your ability to live a life that is filled with more fulfillment and joy! We all get what is just and due by the work we do and the selves we become!

Share with me your brief story (send to the email below), your want for more and your desire to be more! Please include your name, address and telephone number. All entries are kept confidential. The winner will be decided on January 5th after which we will begin to prepare for this amazing transformational course to take place for you.

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