Staying Focused


We understand that in life if we want to achieve or acquire something, it is important to set that as a goal in our mind and in our daily lives. We then make that our focus and work at it on a regular basis to achieve it. But often times by doing it this way we experience stress, anxiety and lack of presence and the result is diminished performance. By always looking at your goal, you are actually pushing it away as you are referencing your position to achieving it and it feels like you haven’t reached it.

When we let go of the attachment to the object or result that we desire and stay focused on and enjoy the experience of reaching that goal, our results are much better. You are experiencing fulfillment at every moment and also experiencing patience. This shift in perspective is subtle and small but it’s results are huge! You stop looking at your progress and enjoy the process. Progress is just a natural result of staying focused on the daily act, the process of whatever it is that you aim to achieve. You are focused in the present moment and your goal comes with ease without friction, stress or anxiety.

The experience you encounter of working towards your desire or goal is what you want. It will be one of presence. You will be engaged in the process and your performance will increase – which, of course then, you will be more likely to experience the outcome you so desire!

Life Coach, Eden Myers, challenges you to focus on the process of your goal rather than the goal itself. She is here to guide you as need be in achieving your desires to do more and be more!
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Healthy Body Healthy Mind for 2015


As the new year approaches, many of us set new goals for ourselves to accomplish.  We aim to eat more healthy.  We put together a new exercise routine to implement for a physically stronger and better self.

Often times we forget about our minds and how they are truly connected to our bodies.  Many think of the two as separate systems and that they function independently.  Science, however, has proven that they are not two but one and every part of the body is the mind expressing itself through that part.  When something goes wrong it is usually a combination of physical and emotional causes.  There is strong belief in the statement ” As you think so you become”.

We truly are in charge of our attitudes and feelings but we cannot determine the outcome of every circumstance in life.  WE DON’T CREATE OUR OWN REALITY BUT WE ARE RESPONSIBLE TO OUR REALITY.  Like a ship on the ocean, we can’t direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.  It is extremely important to guard our thoughts and the things that we allow to enter into our minds on a regular basis.  It is equally important to make available “quiet time” to feel what your body is feeling in order to awaken our intuition.  Partake of positive and healthy nutrition for our minds just as we do our bodies and counteract negative stresses in the form of mindful activities as we do with physical exercise for our bodies.

Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!   Don’t forget to submit your story and why you feel you would enjoy experiencing a complimentary coaching course with Eden Myers at  As a certified coach and wellness advocate, she strongly believes in paying it forward and is anxious to share the benefits of this course with you!

Be a Diligent Guardian of Your Body

yoga pose

Most people would feel bad about destroying the property of another person. Yet they are not kind to the very property that they have been gifted………….their body! Guarding our body, mind and soul is very important. If it is not a daily practice now, we must protect our health first of all by paying attention to what we put into our mouths. Eat smaller portions. A plate full of greens and whole foods with a diet omitting ingredients that we cannot pronounce is an excellent way to care for this temple we were given.

Along with a proper diet and a practice of good habits, we must also protect ourselves from negative information and people. We often fail in this endeavor as we let useless information and stupidity into our minds. By watching television and listening to the media, we allow the trite and negative to enter our minds ever so slowly. From all of this we do not grow wiser but instead we become less informed, and poorer. Feed your brain with positive and empowering information.

Take a look at the people we let into our lives. Are we allowing in those who are negative, those who poison our potential? Are we always allowing ourselves to be hurt? If so, these people must go! Don’t think they will go on there own for they will stay around as long as we allow it. At the same time, it is uniquely important to surround ourselves with people who are positive, inspiring and possess a kind spirit. Invite them into your home, into your circle of friends and into your life.

It is up to us to be fierce guardians of our happiness and our humanity.

Eden Myers, certified Life Coach of the Proctor Gallagher Institute encourages one and all to be especially diligent during the holiday season when energy can run low, patience can run ragged and stress runs high. Go with the flow, live in the now and share the love in your heart!

Paying it Forward (and My Gift to You)

Years ago I found myself struggling with feelings of inadequacy and lack of self confidence. The influence of a close person in my life had me feeling as if I wasn’t doing the right thing – as if the path that I chose to explore was wrong. As I opened up my mind, I began to attract into my life individuals and mentors that soon helped me to realize that this was my life to live as I saw fit.

I chose to continue my path and build upon it in such a way that I could help others who struggle as well. As I took the steps and developed the fortitude to press forward, I found wisdom and knowledge. I experienced love and gratitude. I have not only encountered individuals who have helped me, but also loving and caring individuals that I am able to help.

As this year of 2014 winds down, I reflect on my growth and the blessings that I have received. As a now certified life coach under the Proctor Gallagher Institute , I choose to PAY IT FORWARD and am offering a free self development course ($1,000 value ) to a desiring individual beginning Jan 15, 2015. It is a 6 session course and is designed to help you understand the mind and how the different areas of our brains affect the way we think and act. I will help you implement the simple changes needed to help you break through those barriers that so many of us experience yet don’t understand. I will help you discover your passion and your ability to live a life that is filled with more fulfillment and joy! We all get what is just and due by the work we do and the selves we become!

Share with me your brief story (send to the email below), your want for more and your desire to be more! Please include your name, address and telephone number. All entries are kept confidential. The winner will be decided on January 5th after which we will begin to prepare for this amazing transformational course to take place for you.

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The Wonder of Being Human


The wonder of being human is that we have the ability to change ourselves. First we must realize this power that we have and then harness it. When we begin to make changes the reactions we get from others may surprise us. The desire to make changes is there but our internal beliefs may not be strong. Many family members and piers will have the same beliefs.
They may try to pull you back to your old way of thinking – to their way of thinking. They may be convinced that they are helping you. You must move forward in the direction of the growth you desire otherwise you will live in limbo and continue to long for a better life – the life that you desire to live.

Three things can hold us back. Regret, indecision and fear. I remember the saying, ” Sorrow looks back, worry looks around but faith looks up!”

Regret can haunt our thoughts. What if I did this……..I probably would have got that promotion. I should have saved more money. If I hadn’t given in, I would not have made that mistake or if I would have finished school I would be farther ahead in life. Get clear of these thoughts and let go!

When we are indecisive, we will encounter circumstances that are positive but we interpret them as negative. Focused intentions are important. Focus on solutions to a problem and write them down. Ask others for ideas and options that can help. It’s better than sitting around and worrying. Force yourself forward!

Fear is the power of what if. Thinking right away of the worst that could happen, we talk ourselves out of ideas and solutions. Don’t focus on the problem. Focus on the opportunity.

Have a good plan. Focus on it relentlessly and look to the future for resolutions!

Are you feeling stuck in areas of life such as relationships, career, lifestyle or health? You are in the right place. You can write the pages of your life to create the life you have always wanted.
Hello, I’m Eden Myers. I’m a certified coach and wellness advocate. I empower my clients to gain balance in their lives wherever they may need it. Contact me at for more information.

Get Out and Get Busy – Facing Fears


We all experience fear from time it time. Different things cause fear in every one of us. It can stop us in our tracks. For most people it’s something to be avoided. A thing to move away from. It’s an uncomfortable place to be.

Guess what? Fear is actually good! Why is that? It means we have kicked into survival mode and surviving is something we all must do. Having the proper perspective on fear is important because we are not meant to live in fear and just survive. We are meant to thrive and live past our expectations. We are meant to do more, become more, grow and change.

Seeing fear in a new way will move us forward and become unstuck. Becoming aware and having a different view of fear will cause us to change our actions and produce different results.
Fear can stop us and if we allow that to happen, we will become stuck, thus producing failure – the very thing we fear. We stop moving, stop making progress and then our fears materialize.
Unless we are in extreme danger, fear is actually showing us where we need to go.

When we follow our desires and our dreams we are inspired. We can also be terrified by them.
It’s important that we face that fear, step into it, expose it for what it is and realize it is the information we need to move ourselves forward to action and growth!


– Eden Myers, Wellness Advocate

eden myers
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Fighting the Fight Against Tiger Stripes – Natural Ways to Reduce Stretchmarks



War Wounds, Tiger Stripes, The Map to Motherhood, all adorably poetic terms for something, well, not so terribly adorable… Stretch Marks. And even if they are my guidemap throughout pregnancy, well, I’d rather use Google Maps, thank you very much.


Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I’ve had a slight paranoia, as do many women, about ending my pregnancy with a paisley striped pattern of stretch marks etched across my body. Even if this was my ‘secret handshake’ into the mom’s group, I planned on doing whatever possible to ensure that not one tiger stripe touched my skin.


But what can you do to avoid stretchmarks? Of course, there is no surefire method to absolutely eliminate stretch marks throughout pregnancy. As any woman will tell you, pregnancy will completely change your body in ways you didn’t think previously possible. That being said, it is possible to reduce the amount or intensity of stretchmarks throughout your pregnancy; and in the end, isn’t that what we all want?


Keep Your Body Hydrated

Of course, staying hydrated is incredibly important for the health and well-being of mama  and baby. Experts suggest that a person should be drinking half of their body weight in ounces of pure, filtered water each day! As important as it is, that doesn’t mean that drinking enough water is always easy (especially when you already have to use the restroom every few minutes!). I found that naturally flavoring water with fruits and herbs was a wonderful way to keep water interesting and ensure that I get my required daily amount. I especially loved adding Strawberry and Mango to my water for a sweet treat!


Take Your Vitamins (Or Eat Them Instead!)

Certain vitamins and nutrients can be especially helpful in reducing or avoiding stretch marks. Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Omega 3s are fantastic supplements to add to your diet that may help reduce stretch marks. And while you can absolutely take those in capsule form, it is even better for your body to include them in your diet! Foods such as leafy greens, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils will naturally nourish and protect the skin and can even repair skin cell damage.


Get Fit!

While it does sound nice to lay around for nine months, it is very beneficial for pregnancy and delivery if you stay active. Of course, your activity levels should be based entirely on what is suggested by your doctor, but low-impact exercises such as yoga, swimming, and pilates are wonderful ways to remain flexible, fit, and help blood to circulate through the body. Beyond that, exercise can help maintain skin elasticity and weight gain, which can help to prevent stretch marks. I personally love swimming during pregnancy as I can actually feel the pressure being relieved from my joints and lower back when I’m in the water.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

No matter what we do to nourish the inside of our bodies, our skin is fighting external forces constantly. Pollutants, weather, sensitivity, and allergens can affect the health of our skin and can lead to damage. Moisturizing the skin daily with natural oils can effectively alleviate or diminish stretch marks due to the fatty acids and rejuvenating minerals they contain. Some suggested oils for hydrating the skin are coconut, grape seed, emu, and cocoa butter with Vitamin E. When purchasing any of these, ensure that you are doing so from a quality source and that they are free from all preservatives, additives, and are 100% pure.


And so it was, one day, at about 34 weeks pregnant, that I stood in front of the mirror doing my daily routine. Lathering my tummy and back with E3 Earth’s Essential Creme  when I saw it, the faint outline of a stretch mark across my belly. I paused and pondered the little line that stretched across my side, stared at it in curiosity… I expected myself to cry out in agony and curse the skies above, maybe even cry. Instead, and unexpectedly so, I shrugged and continued on with my day. Hm, I guess stretch marks really aren’t that big of a deal after all.



Kali Carter, a  mama-to-be,  loves getting lost in big books and even bigger cities.