E3 Canine 30 Day Study Participants – Meet Scooter

ScooterafterSMALL6 year old Dachshund Scooter joined our E3 Canine 30 Day Study. Scooter has some specific health challenges that his owner was hoping to see improvement in. Scooter not only loved his E3 Canine but also saw improvement in his energy levels.

 Does your dog have any specific health challenges?

He has an issue with becoming overweight very easily and has hardly any energy. He has a genetic problem where he has extra vertebrae in his spine and it can make getting around difficult for him.

What were you expecting E3 Canine to do for your dog?

I was hoping that it would help manage his weight a little easier as well as make his coat shinier instead of dull and full of dandruff.

Did your dog like E3 Canine?

He liked it so much that I can’t get him to eat regular dog food now without it!

What results did you see after using E3 Canine for 30 days?

He had a lot more energy, his weight is much easier to maintain and his coat is extremely shiny and has no dandruff.

Would you continue using E3 Canine for him?

I would.

Do you think E3 Canine would be good for other pets?

I do. As a matter of fact, we tried it on some cats and it worked great!

What results did you see in the cat?

What was happening with the cats in the first place is they were losing hair in their back ends. Once we started putting the E3 Canine in water their hair started to grow back in full.

Would you recommend E3 Canine to other pet owners?

I would and I have!

We are so glad you and Scooter are happy with E3 Canine! Thank you for joining our study and we are thrilled that Scooter is feeling better.

Try E3 Canine – superior nutrition for your canine friends:  http://www.e3live.com/p-35-e3-canine-fresh-frozen.aspx

Watch this video testimonial of Scooter!


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