E3 Canine 30 Day Study Participants – Meet Mila

Katie entered her 10 year old senior dog Mila – a Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix  into our E3 Canine 30 Day Study. She was concerned that she was starting to show her age. She has also recently started having very itchy skin and scratches until her hair falls out. Mila received the support she needed from E3 Canine and seems to be feeling and acting much younger.


Does your dog have any specific health challenges? Mila still has good energy levels for her age, but she is starting to slow down a little. She also has very itchy skin and scratches the hair off her legs. She is allergic to flea bites and certain foods. She also has terrible breath!

What were you expecting E3 Canine to do for your dog? I really just want to support my old lady as she gets older. It would be nice if it could help with her itching.

Did your dog like E3 Canine? How did you serve it to them? Mila had no problem eating it over her food.

What results did you see in your dog after using E3 Canine for 30 days? She does smell better! I also noticed she stopped scratching herself when she was drinking the algae. In fact, we ran out in the last week and she has started scratching herself again. While she already had good energy levels I did notice an increase in activity with her.

Would you continue to use E3 Canine for your dog? Definitely!

Do you think E3 Canine would be a good product for your other pets? I think it could be a very good product for other types of pets. I plan on trying it on my other dog.

Would you recommend E3 Canine to other pet owners? Yes, and I have. My mom plans on trying it for her dogs.

After seeing your dog’s response, would you be interested in trying E3Live for yourself? It’s not something I would normally consider taking, but it seems to be a very natural and safe product. I think it is something I might try. Thank you Kadie and Mila for joining our study! We are happy to see that Mila is feeling better.

Try E3 Canine – superior nutrition for your canine friends:  http://www.e3live.com/p-35-e3-canine-fresh-frozen.aspx

Watch this video testimonial of Mila!

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