E3 Canine 30 Day Study Participants – Meet Kori

Kori is the next dog we are featuring from our 30 Day E3 Canine Study


Frederick and his daughter Christa entered Kori into our study. Kori is an older dog that was really having trouble moving around for daily activities. They were hoping E3 Canine would provide extra energy and help her mobility. They definitely got what they were hoping. Here is Kori’s story:

Does she (Kori) have any specific health challenges?

Kori has blown out both knees in the last two years. So she was having quite a difficult time getting around. She was having dificulty walking; getting up the stairs was almost impossible.

What were you expecting E3 Canine to do for your dog?

I was hoping it would be able to help Kori mostly with her joints and possibly a little pain management. You know, just help her get around more easily.

Did your dog like E3 Canine?

There was some suspicion the first day; she’d never had anything like it before. By the second day she liked it a lot and hasn’t hesitated to eat it since.

What results did you see after 30 days with the E3 Canine?

She has a lot more energy. A lot! Kori is eager to get up and move around now. She has a lot more energy than she has had in the last 18 months or so. She goes racing up and down the stairs and she loves playing now. So it’s a big change!

Would you continue to use E3 Canine?

I would, I definitely would! The change in her is amazing. She’s gone from a dog that I was thinking was maybe on her way down to just being happy and active, loving to go for walks again.

Do you think E3 Canine would be a good product for your other pets?

I think it’s a great product for all pets!

Would you recommend E3 Canine to other pet owners?

I certainly would.

After seeing your dog’s response to E3 Canine would you consider taking E3Live for yourself?

You know, I had never thought about it before this study, but I think I would.

Try E3 Canine – superior nutrition for your canine friends:  http://www.e3live.com/p-35-e3-canine-fresh-frozen.aspx

Check out this video about Kori’s results from the 30 Day E3 Canine Study:

Thank you for participating and for your excellent feedback! We’re so excited E3 Canine helped Kori!

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