E3 Canine 30 Day Study Participants – Meet Sweet Pea

Roxanne heard about our E3 Canine 30 Day Study and entered her one year old pug Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea has some specific challenges that will follow her through life and Roxanne wanted to offer her all the support possible. After 30 days she love what E3 Canine has done for her dog.


Does Sweet Pea have any specific health challenges?

Sweet Pea broke both of her front legs as a puppy. The vet warned me she will eventually have arthritis and will need extra nutritional support throughout her life.

What were you expecting E3 Canine to do for your dog?

Really, the only reason I tried E3 Canine was the huge nutritional content. I didn’t expect to see any major results, but knew that it could help long term.

Did your dog like E3 Canine? How did you serve it to them?

Sweet Pea loved E3 Canine! I made ice cubes with it and she gets super excited when she knows it’s time for them.

What results did you see in your dog after using E3 Canine for 30 days?

Well I noticed she does seem to have more energy and runs around a lot. Her coat is super soft and shiny now. Also, she used to have a really bad odor from her rear end, but that’s gone.

Would you continue to use E3 Canine for your dog?

I don’t think she would let me stop! I plan on using this for her entire lifetime.

Do you think E3 Canine would be a good product for your other pets?

I do. I think I might try it on my lizard.

Would you recommend E3 Canine to other pet owners?

I have already. My mom has a pug that is going to be trying E3 Canine.

After seeing your dog’s response, would you be interested in trying E3Live for yourself?

I am definitely going to! It seems like a really great product and I love how it is all natural.

Check out Sweet Pea on video!


Thank you participating with Sweet Pea in our study – We’re glad to welcome to you our E3Live Family!

Try E3 Canine – superior nutrition for your canine friends:  http://www.e3live.com/p-35-e3-canine-fresh-frozen.aspx

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