Get Out and Get Busy – Facing Fears


We all experience fear from time it time. Different things cause fear in every one of us. It can stop us in our tracks. For most people it’s something to be avoided. A thing to move away from. It’s an uncomfortable place to be.

Guess what? Fear is actually good! Why is that? It means we have kicked into survival mode and surviving is something we all must do. Having the proper perspective on fear is important because we are not meant to live in fear and just survive. We are meant to thrive and live past our expectations. We are meant to do more, become more, grow and change.

Seeing fear in a new way will move us forward and become unstuck. Becoming aware and having a different view of fear will cause us to change our actions and produce different results.
Fear can stop us and if we allow that to happen, we will become stuck, thus producing failure – the very thing we fear. We stop moving, stop making progress and then our fears materialize.
Unless we are in extreme danger, fear is actually showing us where we need to go.

When we follow our desires and our dreams we are inspired. We can also be terrified by them.
It’s important that we face that fear, step into it, expose it for what it is and realize it is the information we need to move ourselves forward to action and growth!


– Eden Myers, Wellness Advocate

eden myers
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