Wheatgrass for your Animals

Have you ever thought about giving wheatgrass to your pet?  Mine love the taste of it!  It’s great combined with E3Live’s E3 Canine fresh-frozen.  The rich chlorophyll content of both wheatgrass and E3 Canine will help freshen your pet’s breath and offer a powerful nutritional boost to their diet. Other household pets also love to nibble the grass!

Some of you may grow your own, but if not we found an amazing company that offers frozen wheatgrass – and we had to share it with you. Here is what our founders have to say about DynamicGreens:

We know from speaking with Tom Stem, the owner of DynamicGreens, that the wheatgrass is field grown and the juice is vacuum packed, flash frozen and unpasteurized. This combination is unique to DynamicGreens and we are convinced that this is why it has none of the bitterness—just a fresh delicious taste.

We really like the integrity of the people behind DynamicGreens, they are a great company with great people.  We support them in their mission and we know that this is the best wheatgrass we’ve ever had!

—Michael Saiber & Tamera Campbell, Founders and Harvesters of E3Live

If you would like to try DynamicGreens amazing wheatgrass for you and your pet please follow this link:

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