E3 Canine 30 Day Study Participants – Meet Chase

Meet our Participants!

Here at E3Live, we recently conducted a study – asking people to have their dogs try E3 Canine for 30 days and offer us feedback. We invited dogs of all ages and sizes to participate and were very pleased with the success stories we received in return. The stories are so amazing we simply had to share them with you!

We’ll be sharing the stories with you in this blog.  Be looking for some amazing pictures and even some videos of our E3 Canine Success Stories!

Meet Chase:


Chase Before the E3 Canine Study


Chase is the first lucky pup we will be featuring on our blog. Chase is a nine year old golden retriever with arthritis from a torn tendon in his knee. Michael Wooley entered Chase as a candidate for the E3 Canine Study and we were excited to have them!

Does your dog have any specific health challenges?

Michael: While running on the beach, he tore his left rear arterial ligament at about the age of 5 years old.  No surgery was done as the vet said that those procedures don’t work that well.  He advised us to let scar tissue grow back but Chase would have arthritis at some later stage.  We started seeing it at age 8.  After runs at the beach, he would limp and suffer for a day or two. We would give him low dose aspirin to take away some of his pain.  He seemed sluggish with not much drive.

What were you expecting E3 Canine to do for your dog?

Michael: I was hoping it would give him more energy, and help him with his aches and pains.

Did your dog like E3 Canine? How did you serve it to him? 

Michael: He loved it with cat food or sprinkled on scrambled eggs.

What results did you see in your dog after using E3 Canine for 30 days?

Michael: He has a lot more energy.  After runs on the beach, his recoup time is much better.  He doesn’t get up in pain after lying on his dog bed for an extended amount of time.  He also seems to walk more upright with less bending/slouching through his body.

Will you continue to use E3 Canine for your dog?

Michael: Yes, absolutely!

Do you think E3 Canine would be a good product for your other pets?

Michael: I might give it to our cats, but I wouldn’t know how to get them to eat it.  They are much more finicky about eating. (ask us for tips!)

Would you recommend E3 Canine to other pet owners?

Michael: Yes I would!

After seeing your dog’s response, would you be interested in trying E3Live for yourself?

Michael: Yes, we already use BrainON!

Anything else you would like to add?

Michael: It seems to be a great product with no bad effects. We started seeing improvement within two days of feeding E3 Canine to Chase. We love our puppy, Chase. He is the greatest part of our family, and we alwaystreat him as such. When he is in pain, we’re all in pain. We are so thankful that E3 Canine has been able to help him with his pain, as well as his energy levels. It is like he’s a puppy all over again! It’s nice to know that we are finally able to give Chase something to keep him happy, healthy, and playful.


Chase After taking E3 Canine for 30 Days!

Thank you Michael and Chase for participating and for your great feedback!

Watch this video about Chase’s success with E3 Canine!

Do you have a success story to share about your pet and E3Live products?  Tell us below in the comments~


Try E3Canine – superior nutrition for your canine friends:  http://www.e3live.com/p-35-e3-canine-fresh-frozen.aspx

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