Your Obligate Carnivore

Obligate Carnivores. Do you know what that term means about your cat? It means that your cat absolutely must have meat in their diet to live a long and healthy life. We are going to explore why cats must eat meat and why a grain free diet is much healthier for them.


Evolution – Cats evolved as meat eaters. Since they were animals that ate only meat they lost the ability to make or use certain vitamins and minerals. Taurine is one you have likely heard of, and they are also unable to produce niacin. Arganine is another vital nutrient they get from meat. Cats aren’t able to produce vitamin A from beta-carotine like we can. Felines can’t live without these nutrients that are found in abundance in meat. That is why they are obligated to eat meat.

Digestion – Cats have evolved a digestive system that is designed to handle raw meat. Their digestive system is very short. Raw meat digests very quickly and doesn’t need to ferment like carbohydrates do. Cats do very well on grain free or raw diets for this reason. They aren’t designed to utilize grains and vegetables in their diet. They have lost the ability to digest them.

Carnivore vs. Obligate Carnivore – Many meat eating animals are classified as a carnivore, but some of them can handle and even thrive on a diet that isn’t meat based. A carnivore is an animal that eats a diet of mostly meat. They have sharp teeth and are designed to hunt other animals. An obligate carnivore is an animal that requires a diet of mostly meat. It is a necessity and is biologically necessary for survival. Bears are carnivores that have a diet containing a large amount of plants. Dogs can also to some degree digest plants and grains. Their digestive system is long enough to handle and process plants, grains and other non-meat items. Any bird of prey is an obligate carnivore. Dolphins, minks, and of course felines also fit into this category.


Nutrition – Nutrition plays a vital role in your cat’s health. Many of the food options on the market are filled with grains and other fillers that cats are unable to process or use for nutrition in their body. How do you fill the gaps in their nutrition? A raw diet is a great way to improve health. Next best would be a commercial cat food that is grain free. Cat supplements are harder to find on the market compared to dogs or other animals. Our E3 Feline has extra nutrition for your cat and provides the necessary nutrients that may be lacking in their diet. I make sure some is on my cat’s food each day!

How do you make sure your obligate carnivore is healthy?

~Jessica Wick

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