Natural Care for your dog’s health – Tip of the week

Dog and allergies is a common problem faced by pet owners all over the world. Two of the most common are food and flea allergies. They can be difficult to treat, especially naturally, but it can be done with some time and patience.

Today’s dog foods are filled with ingredients that are not natural to a dog’s system. Grains, cooked meat byproducts, preservatives and artificial coloring are added to the foods to make them appealing and easy to use for owners. Unfortunately, they can have major impacts on your dog’s health. Along with disease and early death, food allergies have become a major issue.

Allergy symptoms can vary widely for each animal. Digestive upsets are common as well as rough hair coat or hair loss and sneezing. Another major symptom is itchy skin. Some dogs scratch so severely they end up with bleeding sores on their body. They may also end up with sores on their feet from licking too much.

What can you do about it? There are several ways to help with food allergies depending on the severity. Many owners will visit their vet and have prescriptions written to help with the symptoms. For those that prefer natural treatment (or even those looking for more relief than medication is providing) you can try some of these options:

  • Specialty diets that are allergen free (or even raw diets)
  • Enzymes
  • Natural creams and herbal treatments
  • Probiotics
  • E3Canine – organic blue-green algae

These are often extremely effective either together or combined. I personally changed my dogs over to a raw food diet and provide enzymes and a high quality vitamin supplement. In fact, I use our E3Canine and Enzymes. I feel comfortable providing human grade supplements to my animals, as there is no worry about lesser quality.

Flea allergies are also tough to deal with. Chemical flea treatments sometimes have severe or fatal reactions in animals. Cedar provides a great source of control for fleas and other insects. Combined with enzymes (to help the itching) it’s a great alternative.

~Jessica Wick

Try E3Canine – superior nutrition for your canine friends:

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