E3Live Demos – Why You Should Go!

Robin Flynn at an E3Live Demo (New Frontiers, Flagstaff, AZ)

It’s officially the first day of Summer today and many folks are on vacation, taking time off to be with friends and family, traveling, enjoying time off of school and more.  You may not be thinking “I need to find and E3Live Demo and fast!” but here’s why you should:

  • E3Live Demos are free!  Have a shot of E3Live on us! We sometimes have other free goodies too, like books and more.
  • E3Live Demos are fun!  Just wait there and you will see people trying E3 for the first time – great reactions – especially from the kids!
  • E3Live Demos are often held in your favorite store, a farmer’s market, festival or other great place (you were headed there anyway, right?).
  • E3Live Demos are chock full of great information – just ask the presenter all of your burning E3Live questions and they will be happy to help!

Some of our recent demo photos:

E3Live table – ready to go! (Klamath Falls, OR)

Sandy is ready for her E3live demo! (Whole Foods, Thousand Oaks, CA)

Demo in Maui, HI

More from the Maui demo – happy tasters!

Demo with Alessandrina Lerner (G&F Doral Yoga, Miami, FL)

We list current demos on our website on this page:  www.e3live.com/buzz , so check there often for new listings.

Would you like to see an E3Live demo at your local store? Email us at sales@e3live.com and tell us what city and state (and if you know of a particular store/event/location, please tell us the name) and we will see what we can do about getting one near you!

Have you ever attended an E3Live Demo?  If so, tell us your experiences below in the comments!


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