E3Live Demos – Why You Should Go!

Robin Flynn at an E3Live Demo (New Frontiers, Flagstaff, AZ)

It’s officially the first day of Summer today and many folks are on vacation, taking time off to be with friends and family, traveling, enjoying time off of school and more.  You may not be thinking “I need to find and E3Live Demo and fast!” but here’s why you should:

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Mooove Over Cow’s Milk, Plant Milks Are Gaining Popularity (and How To Make Your Own)!

Parents are known for telling their kids to “drink your milk”, and five or ten years ago this was almost always cow’s milk in a typical U.S. household.  We are told you need to drink milk for strong bones and teeth, calcium, Vitamin D and more.  In recent times, many people have discovered they cannot drink cow’s milk (or choose not to) – maybe they are lactose-intolerant or have a milk allergy, perhaps they choose not to consume animal products, or any number of other reasons why drinking cow’s milk may not be an option for them.

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