Berry Delicious! Fun With Summer Berries (and a Raspberry Chiller recipe!)

Mmmm!  Summer berries!

We could eat buckets of them (or so it seems)!  Fresh raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries top the list, although there are other lesser-known choices too.  If you are lucky enough to have a strawberry patch or raspberry, blackberry, or blueberry  bush on your property, then you know first-hand the addictive deliciousness that can cause a person to stand over the plant and eat one after another with their berry-stained fingers like a ravenous animal.  Oh how these plants had us at hello! Continue reading


Announcing a New Blog From E3Live CEO Tamera Campbell: Healthy Isn’t Boring

Want quick tips on healthy living? For recipes, ideas, special offers and some personal insights from our very own CEO, Tamera Campbell,

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A Special Note From Tamera:

Hi, I’m Tamera. I am the busy mom of 3 bright and energetic children, and the CEO and owner of E3Live. On my Healthy Isn’t Boring blog, I share my tips for quick and easy ways to live a healthy lifestyle, as well as some stories and observances from my daily life. Continue reading

5 Healthy Eating Tips for Summer Picnics (& a Sunflower Dip Recipe Too!)

It’s that wonderful time of year when the weather is warm and people are out enjoying nature and the company of family and friends.  It can also be a time of difficulty if you are trying to eat healthy and you are invited to picnics with tempting treats, delicious desserts, old family recipes, and fried foods.  So how can you enjoy your time with the people you love and not totally blow your healthy eating plan?  Here  are 5 easy ideas you can keep in mind for the next gathering you are invited to – share your own tips & tricks in the comments too!

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Three E3Live Smoothies Kids Will Love!

We get many clients asking about recipes for E3Live – especially for E3Live juices and smoothies – and we are happy to give you three of our favorites today!

If you are new to E3Live (or to green superfoods in general) you may not yet be used to the fresh, very green taste.  Don’t worry!  Often clients tell us that after taking E3Live for a week or more, their taste buds change and they not only like the taste, but crave greens in general (veggies and the like too) when they did not before.  Amazing!

You may also be a parent trying to “hide” nutrition in your kids’ food Continue reading